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I wish to know whether my business will be successful in 2016. Or should I stop my business totally. Will I have enough money to survive the year.

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Hi Yasmin, let me know your date of birth please. What kind of business are you managing now?
Date of birth: 24 May 1967
I am in the business of education. I run a training centre
My birth date : 24 May 1967
I run a training centre for students.

My question: Will I succeed in my business or should I stop this business ? Will I earn money?
Please help me to decide.
Hi Yasmin,

Your Chinese zodiac sign is Sheep. The past 2015 was not a good year for you. In fact, 2016 is a favorable year for you to do business. You should insist on doing it. As you are sometimes pessimistic, unrealistic, short-sighted and slow in behavior, you should try to avoid your shortcomings in order to get success and earn money.

Whether you should do it or stop is on your side to decide. You should also ask advice from your friends and family members. If you just started it, you'd better not give up. If you have managed it for many years and found it's not fit you and it doesn't earn money. You'd better try to think more ways to improve or give up.
hi i wish to know in what date can i start my business in august
Hi saroja,

August 5th (Clash Ox), 13th (Clash Rooster), 14th (Clash Dog), 25th (Clash Rooster), 26th (Clash Dog), 27th (Clash Pig) and 28th (Clash Rat) are auspicious dates to start business.

If the day clashes with your sign, don't choose it.

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