Influence lines from Venus mount to heart line: islands



The hand I write with have lately got two influence lines from Venus mount (none from the thumb) and cross the life /head line and go to heart line.
One of the influence line crosses where head/life line are joined
The other influence line crosses where head and life lines have separated.

But both influence lines, after they leave Venus mount, form an island that reach the heart line.

The influence that originates from the joined head/life lines finishes after crossing fate line; that means it start at Venus mount, goes through life/head line as an island, that no more island but a straight line that reaches and goes beyond fate line. That line seem to form a 6 branches star with the Venus girdle and the fate line.

The influence line that comes from Venus mount, then goes as an island between the life line, then the head line, and ends to the fate line without going beyond.

What do those two lines mean ?

Thank you in advance for your time.

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