my fate line starts from the base of the Venus through moon mount till heart line toward Saturn,and have one line(1.7cm long ,verticle and little bent) on Saturn reaches Jupiter mount. what does it say?

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Hi Sam,

Your fate line shows you have no worries about money as you could inherit a fortune from parents, relatives or ancestors. You also have a good interpersonal relationship, a faithful helpmate and creative talent.

Is the line (1.7cm long, vertical and little bent) on Saturn reaches Jupiter mount a branch of fate line? If so, that means you could own more than one business or company, or in charge of many works. With such kind of a branch, you usually are in power and have a successful official career.
Can I send you the copy of my hand in PDF attachment to know about fate line?
Hi Shehzad Aslam,

We don't accept images or PDF attachment of hand at present. Only texts are allowed now. We'll inform you through email once we allow images and PDF.

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