Remedy for harming Zodiac signs versus Feng Shui rules


I'm a rabbit and my husband is a rooster. We have harming signs and 1 remedy from this website says that we should put our head in north or southwest in sleeping.

In our room north is where the bed headboard will cover 1 window against Feng Shui rules.
Southwest is impossible. Southern wall has the bathroom tub on the other side. We have 3 girls (tiger, dragon, and horse).
East is also against Feng Shui rules but is the only empty/available wall.

What do you recommend?

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Your head had better face north or southwest, that means your bed headboard should place in the South or northwest direction. Could you place it in one of the directions.

It's good for you to have a Tiger child. She will be helpful and bring you good luck in love relationship.
If I place the headboard on the northern wall, it will cover 1 window. I will still have a window on each side.

2nd option is East wall.

3rd option is Southern wall where the bathroom tub is on the otherside.

Southwest wall is impossible.

Which is the best choice.
The third option is better I think.

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