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Hello Master, now that I know what are my lucky gemstone, lucky colors, my favorable element and kua #, is it possible to predict my future if I will be lucky and manifest what I want this year 2016 and coming year 2017? and can I eliminate the bad things to come in my life this year and next year? like our problem with my wife is she's having a difficulty to be pregnant, we check and monitor to fertility specialist doctors 3 years now nothing happen. NOW is it POSSIBLE to PREDICT our FUTURE to MANIFEST what we want and eliminate the BAD THINGS to come every single DAY of our LIFE?

I am Male Married, Born on July 27, 1986 time of birth 3:26 a.m at Roxas City Capiz, Philippines

my Wife born on June 5,1984 time born 12:45 a.m at Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines


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2016 is not a good year for you. Your sign clashes with the Tai Sui of the year and your fortune is much worse than that in other years. You may get no good results in anything. In 2017 is the year of Fire Rooster. You will neither conflict nor compatible with Tai Sui, thus have stably improved fortune.

The first time I discover this site, I am so grateful and very happy that someone helping people cure the conflict of misfortune, but now I am very disappointed for your reply JANE, anyway I think your NOT FENGSHUI MASTER EXPERT YOU ARE FULL OF NEGATIVE!

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