Pig and Dragon love compatibility


I was born on 4/29/71 with a pig sign and my partner was born on 8/2/64 with dragon sign.Is our relationship will end into marriage and live happily?

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Hi Ria,

Pig and Dragon are a great pair according to Chinese zodiac compatibility chart.

You are an enviable couple that can stride ahead hand in hand and build up a steady and successful family with your ardent love. The male dragon is brave, ambitious and pioneering. The female pig is mild, calm and patient. For your common family, the male dragon keeps on fighting in spite of all setbacks, while the female pig offers her support and encouragement ever and everywhere.

It need the effort of you both to strive for a happy and long marriage.
I was born on Jan. 09,1988 year of the Dragon and my boyfriend was born on Aug. 15,1971 ,what is the ending of our relationship did we get married and happy?
Hi Shiela,

The zodiac sign for your boyfriend is Rabbit. Rabbit is the best match for the Pig. You will enjoy a good marriage.

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