Opening of new business this August

Asked by J***l | 7/28/2019 2:40:07 PM

Hi, i would like to open a milktea business this month of August. And it so happen that August is a ghost month. Can you please help me what date in August is best to open the business?Im Joy, my birthdate is Nov. 13, 1969.
And also I want to wear red for our opening day. Is red auspicious color? Thank you.

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J***l 7/28/2019 8:01:00 PM

Another help pls..can you also give me the auspicious time for the auspicious date in opening for my milktea business this August. Thank you.

J***l 7/28/2019 8:11:42 PM

I preferred to open it on August 11 sunday. Is the date okay?

K***y 7/29/2019 6:10:17 PM

Red, black, and white color are three colors you should not wear during the ghost month especially on the opening date.

August 11 is okay for you to open. The best time is during 07:00 and 11:00.

J***l 7/29/2019 6:43:32 PM

Can you give me a the best color that i could wear during the opening? Thank you so much.

K***y 7/31/2019 2:09:39 AM

Brown and yellow are your best colors that you'd better wear during the opening.

J***l 7/31/2019 8:21:18 AM

Thank you. One more question pls. The auspicious time you gave to me, is it Philippine time? Thank you again.

J***l 7/31/2019 8:34:29 AM

And also. What day is auspicious to move in all the items/products that ill be needing/selling in the store.
Thank you again.

K***y 8/1/2019 4:30:38 AM

Yes, it's Philippine time.

August 2 and August 6 are auspicious dates for you to move in all the items that will be needing/selling in the store.

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