How to choose auspicious hour for a new business grand opening?

Asked by Anna | 7/12/2019 6:50:55 AM

Hi, i have a new business set to open in August 2019. My chinese zodiac is dog and i am born in 1982. How should i go about reading your chart when choosing the correct time to do the opening ceremony? I plan to open on August 24th 2019. Should i look at business trading or take office as the auspicious event for that particular time? Thank you

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Anna 7/12/2019 5:26:19 PM

To add on, for the auspicious time, if the clash zodiac is dog but not for my year of birth, can i still choose that?

Mary 7/12/2019 5:58:11 PM

Look at business trading as the auspicious event for that particular time please.

Yes, you can choose the time that clash zodiac dog but not for your year of birth.

Anna 7/12/2019 6:10:14 PM

i see. Thank you very much for your help!

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