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My main door is located at the East sector, facing North direction. From beginning of 2017 until now, I've finished all my savings. ($$$ flows out only without flowing in).pls advise me how to "tap" the good chi. I"on" my lights 24 hours inside & outside my main door. Pls help me. TQ.

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Hi Jenny liang,

Check these:
1. If there is any window besides the wealth direction of your house (located at the oblique 45℃ position facing the living room as soon as you enter into the door)? If there is, your money are easy to flow out. You should hide the place with the curtain.
2. If your house is full of a miscellaneous collection of goods, it's hard for you to attract wealth and save money. This is because the wealth will have no place to stay in house because of those goods. It's time for you to arrange then in order or clear them away.
3. If there is tap in your balcony or outside your house, the money will flow out. Because water stands for wealth.

4. Avoid too many doors for your house. If the main door runs straight to the balcony or back door, your money will flow out.

5. If you break ground from your back garden or front garden, the money is also easy to be flowed out.

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