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Okay so I'm very confuse.. What is the difference of Front Door Facing of the House and the location of the Front Door?

One of our Feng Shui expert says that we tiger or the North Location of the Front Door is bad luck for money.

They said that we have to stand in the center of our house and compass, then look for the location of the main house..

| |Me -> MD ---> North East
| | |
|BD X |
| |

other said that we need to be facing the front door from inside to outside and check the Front Door facing.

we also have a back door facing North West. The location of Backdoor is west from the center

Can anyone check?

Me - Tiger / 9/23/1962
Wife - Tiger / 8/24/1962
1st Son - Snake / 3/30/1989
His wife - Snake / 11/3/1989
2nd Son - Dog? / 01/20/1995
His wife - Ox? / 1/12/1995
3rd Son - Snake / 3/27/2001

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Hi Sonny Yang,

For you North is the worst direction you should avoid. You may have mishaps, suffer from illnesses or other bad things may happen to you if your front door faces North. Southwest is your lukiest direction. The best direction for you could bring you luck in many aspect.

For your wife, Northwest is the worst direction she should avoid. South is her best direction.

Standing in the center of your house and take compass, then look for the location of the door is the right way to check its position.
so in short, our house is so badluc because ourbmain door is located on North and our Back door is located on North West.

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