My marriage would be love marriage or arranged?


Now i am fed up of all my breakups..I want to get settled in life.I like someone now but dont want to take the initiative because am unsure if this realtion will turn into marriage or not.
My date of birth is 30/06/1991 (female)
Date of birth of boy I like is 18/07/1991

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Hi Pink ,

Sometimes, it needs courage to show your thought. If you find he is the person you like, let him know.

You two are both under the Chinese zodiac sign of Sheep/Goat. The Chinese zodiac compatibility chart shows you are a perfect combination. Both of you will devote all your love to the family, and will love the other wholeheartedly. He usually works hard to guarantee a sound financial footing, and you organize the family life in reasonably good order.
I will let him know but the problem is this if he will agree then I am unsure that my parents will agree or not because they are strictly against love marriage...That is why I have restricted myself by thinking that may be love marriage is not in my destiny..plz tell me that my marriage will be love or arranged?
It's really hard to understand your parents' thought. I think they are ultra - conservatives who are oppose to freedom to choose your spouse. In old society, almost all the people in China have arranged marriage. But it all passed. As society progresses, it's hard to see parents arrange marriage for their children.

What's your nationality? Is there any chance to change the thought of your parents? All the people in your place are arranged in love?
I am an indian and my family is vety conservative

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