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Hello, I know Chinese superstition dictates that women should not move homes while pregnant. However, in my case, I am planning on hiring movers to pick up some furniture and miscellaneous items and transporting them to the new apartment. I, myself, will not be moving furniture, will not nail anything to the wall, or make any renovations. My husband will supervise the movers while I am not home. After the movers take some furniture, we will still have some stuff in the old apartment so it won't be a full move. Is this going to be OK?

Also, we are thinking of moving the furniture this Sunday, 6/24. It doesn't look to be an auspicious date but is it an inauspicious date? Since it's not the actual date when we'll start living in the apartment, does the date even matter?

My birthday is 12/28 and I am a rooster, and my husband's is 7/30 and he is a tiger.
We were both born in the US and live in the US. I am of Chinese descent but my husband is not.


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Hi AZ,

6/24 is okay for you to move the furniture. It's not an inauspicious date for moving. Also, it doesn't matter if you don't choose an auspicious date for moving the furniture. You need to choose an auspicious date for moving when you start living in the apartment.

It's okay for you to move as long as you don't participate in the moving process.

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