Moving to a New House(Clash, specific moving?)


Good Day,

We are planning to move some of our household items to our new rental house. Today is a Clash Tiger, is that mean one of our family member can't join in our moving period? We just wanna move some of our household item in that apartment but not stay/sleep on it, we plan to move the other item on the 25th day, and that day we will sleep there.

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Moving means? Moving just item? or Moving permanently there and sleep on it?
Clashing means, they can't go to that house that day? or they can go there but not sleep on it and just help on moving some items?

Hope you can answer us asap. We plan to move around the time is auspicious


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Another thing is, once we start moving our furniture and other household items, is it that time we are already moving?

Because my mom said that once we start moving today, that means moving our furniture one by one, then tomorrow we will continue the one we left on our old house and continue on till we finished moving.

Another thing is the time auspicious is 9-11 meaning if we leave around 10:50am and we got on the new house around 11:50, can't we move the items from our van to the house until 1pm?
Hi Morizuki,

Moving means moving permanently there and sleep on it. Clashing means they can go to that house that day but couldn't sleep there. Help to move some items doesn't matter.

Once you move your main furniture and sleep there, it means you have moved into the new house. Only moving some small items for example the things for daily use to the new house doesn't mean move to the real sense. So, the 25th day is auspicious for the real move to you all.

As long as you choose to leave during the auspicious time, that's ok. Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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