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Hi, I'm a single mother. Born on November 2, 1975, rabbit. Moving with me will be my son, Dec. 1, 2007, pig and my daughter, Jan. 23, 1995, pig. What's the luckiest date for us to move? Other says any date that ends in 0 or 8 or new moon or full moon. But full moon this month ends in 2. Is it good to move on other dates or the 28th is the best?

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Auspicious dates for moving into the new house this March include:
March 1st (Clash Snake), 9th (Clash Ox), 10th (Clash Tiger), 15th (Clash Sheep), 21st (Clash Ox), 22nd (Clash Tiger), 25th (Clash Snake), 27th (Clash Sheep)

You can select any of the above dates to move.
Thanks for your prompt response. I have decided to move on March 10. What's the first thing we need to bring? Our appliances are not that complete yet. Is it okay?
You should take some money with you and wear gold, silver or jewel ornaments. Don't step into the house without taking anything. Some valuable things should be taken by you who will live in the house. This means you will become more and more rich after living in it.

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