moving in on new house this june 2016


we are planning to moved in on our new house this june 2016, what are the prepared date? my birthdate is april 20, 1986, husband- august 23, 1990, son-November 27, 2008, my mother march 04, 1956.

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Hi Kai,

The Chinese zodiac signs for you, your husband, son, mother are Tiger, Horse, Rat and Monkey separately.

Auspicious dates in June for moving into the new house include:
June 6th (Clash Ox), 9th (Clash Dragon), 16th (Clash Pig), 18th (Clash Ox), 21st (Clash Dragon), 22nd (Clash Sheep), 27th (Clash Sheep), 28th (Clash Pig)
my family is planning to move in a new house this June 4 or 5, 2016. Will this dates be fine for us?
My birth date is Aug. 17, 1978
daughter is Sept. 2, 2008
husband is Oct. 30, 1975

thank you in advance
Hi emi,

You three's zodiac signs are Horse, Rat and Rabbit separately.

June 4 is ok for you to move house. June 5 is an inauspicious date for moving into new house. You'd better avoid that day.

Besides June 4, you are suggested to move on June 6th, 7th, or 9th which are all auspicious moving dates.

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