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There is an old house being renovated and would be done on the last week of November. I am interested to transfer to this old house as this is bigger and it has some spaces in front and back for parking and lawn. We are five in the family. My husband was born on February 03, 1936. Our Children's birthday are: eldest daughter-January 17, 1994, second child son- October 15, 1998, youngest son-October 03, 2000. My birthday is May 08, 1963. When is the auspicious date and time for us to transfer?

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Hi Rowena Sandoval,

November 25th, November 29th, December 5th, December 9th, and December 10th are auspicious dates for you to move in the newly renovated house.
Thank you Mary for your reply. However, it seems that we can not move in on the dates you recommend because complete renovation is not done until now. May I ask for another dates for late part of December or early January to move in. The main door of this house is facing south and there is a back door in the north.
Thank you very much.

With so much gratitude,

Rowena Sandoval
Hi Rowena Sandoval,

Dec.16th, Dec.22nd, Dec.24th, 2019 and Jan.03, Jan.12, 2020 are auspicious dates for you to move in the house.

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