Money and success in my life & education related things & life partner


Money in my hand success in my career & and my life partner and marriage year And My DOB is 4th nov 1994

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Your birthday on Chinese lunar calendar is October 2,1994 and you are under the animal sign of Dog.

Generally, you are independent and you'd better learn a skill by following teachers. You will live a diligent life and once you start up a business, you will be likely to stand out.

You are persistent in work and can give your potential into full play if you take the work which requires patience and persistence. Also, you can gain a lot of life experience from work.

You will have the favorable luck in making money in the whole life; become rich due to your hard work and thrift in youth and enjoy the easy and carefree life in later years.

The partner under the Tiger, Rabbit or Horse sign will be the best for you.

Good luck.
My DOB Is 4th nov
My DOB 27 May 1965
What will be my luck like in all areas of my remaining life?

Soh TL
Hi Soh,

Your birthday on Chinese lunar calendar is April 27,1965 and you are under the animal sign of Snake.

In 2017 , you will have average luck without outstanding performance or things requiring your special attention. On the surface, 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster 'Ding You' (丁酉) and your earthly branch 'Si' (巳) will be compatible with the earthly branch 'You' (酉) of Rooster, which means you will be compatible with Tai Sui, have good luck, get help from others and do things well in the year of 2017. However, you will not be blessed by any auspicious star in this year, thus have to be careful about the bad influences of the inauspicious stars, such as getting injured, suffering unexpected personal financial losses, bleeding and challenge.

Read for more information.
hi soh
My Date of birth 10-12-1993
what will my feature luck and Money plz rply
Hi Mussawer Ali,

Under the Rooster sign, you could live a smooth life: you may have a blessed youth with no lack of material things; in middle age, you can seize the opportunity to for thriving family property; in old age, you will enjoy happiness and longevity and live an elegant, noble and respected later life.

You will have good luck in making money throughout the life. Every time you feel cash-strapped, you always have an earning way to solve the crisis. However, you tend to be not content with the status quo and hope to start a business by yourself even if you have a stable income.

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