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I have a mole which recently developed below the index finger of my right palm, please explain what does this indicate for me.

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Hello pooja kapoor,

The mole developed below the index finger of right palm is a bad sign in palm reading. It usually will result in the loss of reputation or money.
Thanks for the reply, for long the effect of this mole be, is the effect one time or it keeps repeating, and do these disappear.
As long as it exists, it will affect your fortune in wealth. Don't worry this too much. As it suddenly appears, it may disappear one day in the future.

I also have a mole on my right hand, it is in the centre. This mole was on my left hand but then disappeared and reappeared on the right hand. Is this normal? What does this mean?
Hi Janet,

The mole in the center of your hand shows your are thoughtful and calculate precisely. You are suitable for engineers, judges, or accountants jobs because you always think twice and seldom make mistakes. However, you are not so romantic in love.

Legend goes that a mole on palm signifies the promise of previous life. The lovers of previous life promised to continue their relationship in this life. To find each other, they took the mole on palm as the keepsake. If a mole on the right palm of someone overlaps with the mole on the left palm of another person, they are the lovers of previous life.
H Janet

I have the same mole found in the center of my left hand palm since birth. No changes have been found. Is there nay positive vibes regarding that. Because still I ma struggling my life to get settled in all way.

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