Many small light colored triangles on right hand


Hi! I have many small light colored triangles on the side of head, heart and life lines on the right hand. What does it say about my future and am I going to achieve success in my youth years?

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It's auspicious to have triangles in hand in most cases.

The one on the side of heart line means you will get good luck in wealth or get property from marriage or love.
The triangle on the side of head line shows you will not only make academic and theoretical achievements, but also have good eloquence.

The triangle on the side of life line isn't a good sign, it suggests the unmentionable diseases in your internal organs, such as heart, liver and stomach. You should beware of and prevent it in advance, and go to check in a hospital as soon as possible once you are in discomfort.

If you have a long, clear and deep sun line on your left hand, it indicates you could achieve great success before 30 years old.

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