star on the left hand below the small finger


born 09/07/1952. 7th child of 7 kids. Also 8 year hfrom last sibling. Got a lot of triangles and crosses in both hands. Disabled right now. Anything I can do productively? Many thanks

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Hi Hector,

Your birthday on Chinese lunar calendar is May 18,1952 anf you are under the Dragon sign.

Astrology Elements in 2017
Auspicious Direction: North, Southeast, Southwest; Avoid: Northwest, West
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Red, Orange; Avoid: Cyan, Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 9
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Monkey, Rooster, Rat; Harmful Zodiac Signs: Rabbit, Dog, Dragon, Ox
Auspicious Direction for Love: Southwest
Auspicious Direction for Wealth: North
Auspicious Direction for Study: South
Auspicious Direction for Career: East

The clear and regular triangles always have auspicious implications. The triangles at different locations have varied implications. See for more information.

The crosses in palmistry have varied auspicious or inauspicious implications subject to the location on the palm. You can read for more information.

Good luck

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