many short lines crossing the head lines between the thumb and index finger.


hi master,
On the top part of my head line there are many crossing short lines. It especially goes upwards after the life line meets head lines. What does it means? And due to the crosses the head line is not clear.

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It means when you are young, your usually are disturbed by some toubles. Also, you are easy to be confused by some trifles when thinking.
Apart from my life line meeting with my head line and my heart line separating itselt, there are several faint lines in my palm. Please what does that mean?
Hi Abdul Razak,

If your head line and life line meet at the beginning and soon split, it indicates a decisive character with flexibility. If they overlap for some distance from the beginning before the split, it indicates an introverted, prudent, and thoughtful character. The longer the overlap is, the more worried, careful and indecisive you are.

A broken heart line signifies great setbacks in emotional life. Where it separate itself?

Several faint lines in your palm shows you usually bother yourself about many things in life.

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