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My head line is straight until it reaches the middle finger then its slightly bent up to ring finger .At last it steeps downwards under pinky finger and goes the other end of the palm.there are many branches going upwards and some of them are so big that they reached the mounts under index middle and ring..finger
Only some lines at the beginning go downward touching life line..upon it there are many curvy and slightly wavy lines.But they r quite long
Please explain my head line meaning.

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First, your head line is very long. It indicates you have a strong adaptability, good sociality ability, and outstanding business gift. In business field, you could make a great success. But at the same time, you are self-centered when thinking and behaving. Sometimes, you may suffer failure due to overconfidence.

The bent up indicates during your middle age, you are easy to be nervous which will have effect to your overall furtune. It shows you care more about the spiritual life than the substantial life during your late years as it steeps downwards.

Branches going upwards shows you are a person of enterprising nature.
What about those big curved and slightly wavy lines passing through my head line?

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