Lucky apartment?


Which apartment # should I move into? The choices: (5th floor) 502 or (6th floor) 601?

I posted this in the Auspicious section but maybe it's more relevant here?

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What's your date of birth?
November 20, 1971.
2, 5, 8 are your lucky numbers. You should avoid 1, 3, 9.

So (5th floor) 502 would be better than (6th floor) 601.
I considered that but I read this on the site:

According to this, my best floor would be the 1st/6th floor with 5th/10th being bad. So, is that not as critical as my lucky numbers, 2,5, 8 or? That is what is confusing so far so maybe I could have some help evaluating/analyzing this?

Thanks in advance for any insight that helps.
I think you should know your element based on your birth year instead of only based on your zodiac sign.

November 20, 1971 belongs to Metal Pig. So, 4 or 9 is your lucky floor number. As Earth bears Metal, the 5 or 0 which belong to Earth is also lucky floor number for you. So, 5th floor is your best choice.

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