Moving to an apartment in January 2017


I was born 5/5/1959
I am moving to an apartment after jan 17 2017.
Please advise me of the auspicious date (preferably on weekends)
Also what are the other rituals involved?
I am going to live in the new apartment by myself.

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Hi Ginny,

The 27th day and the 31st day of January 2017 are auspicious date for you to move.

You'd better invite some friends to celebrate on the day after you finish moving.
Thank you for your reply.

Can i ask if I have to move everything specially the big furniture (bed, refrigerator, washing machine, sofa, dining table) on the same day I move into the apartment? Or can i move these furniture earlier than the 27th of January? If I move them earlier than the 27th, do I need to also do it on an auspicious day?

What other fengshui rituals do I have to bring or perform on the day I move?

Thank you again

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