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My date of birth is 3rd December 1999 and boyfriend is 14october 2000 does we will get married

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Hi Sana hameed,

Your sign is Rabbit and his sign is Dragon in Chinese astrology. In terms of zodiac signs, a male Dragon is not compatible with female Rabbit because the earthly branch of Dragon which is Chen harms the Rabbit's earthly branch 'Mao'. There is always tragedy happened for the combination of these two signs if both of you don’t try effort to create a harmonious family. The male dragon is brave, strong and frank, while the female rabbit is considerate, generous and smart, with strong adaptability. If the female rabbit could appreciate the dragon's brave and the male dragon likes the female rabbit's tenderness and kindness, you could be together. Also, you can be a happy couple if you can resist the outside interference with your joint efforts.

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