Let me know my carrier & finance & social respect


Kindly let me know about my carrier, finance and respect in social life. Will I become debt free ?

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Hi prashanth,

Please provide your personal infos including date of birth, birth time and birth city.
how will be my career in this year?i was born on 03/03/1995.thank you.
Hi chaitanya,

For you Pigs born in 1995 who already have a job, you should be prepared for the changes and obstacles and be careful about being framed by the villains. If your work needs to travel a lot, such as taking business trip, the impact will be relatively less.

If you work in office, you should make more efforts in work in 2017. You'd better take more outdoor activities or travel more to reduce the bad luck in work.

If you want to change a job, this year is not a proper time; you might as well wait for the proper time and try to change your job in May or November.
want to know about my career ,finance and life. Born on 20/12/1983, Ghana
Hi Emmanuel,

You under the pig sign often work attentively and devote all your energy once you are determined about a goal in career. So, you will undoubtedly be outstanding in your career. In finance, you are born with good fortune, and have good luck in both windfall and income from work. In terms of life, you like it to be easy, thus will enjoy a happy and harmonious marriage life.
Hi want to know about my marriage
date 2 october 1986 time 1.06 am
Place: mumbai india

Hi symarah,

Are you married or single now?
Hi ding
I am single
i have a boyfriend
Date : 29 September 1990
time 2.30 pm
Place: Mumbai India
How will be our luck together and our future
Hi symarah,

You and your boyfriend are very compatible. You have much in common. You could strive for the same goal together and adds much happiness to each other's life in love and after marriage. He is experienced, positive and confident, and you are open-minded, lively and charming. He could work hard to make your life better and you could arrange the family affairs orderly.
Thank you Ding so much
You are putting in this and helping people.
Can you tell me, which career i will be good at.
I am currently working as a graphic designer but not doing great which career will be beneficial for me.
Hi symarah,

Suitable job fields for you to show your ability include clinical medicine, catering, literature, cultural, official, judicial, police and government.

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