Found dead rat


On the 1st day of Chinese New Year, as we open our main door we found a dead rat infront of the main door.The rat colour was light brownies silver.
The rat was there with 3 cat siiting waiting for my husband to feed them. These cat are not belong to us. We just feed them whenever they comeby. 2x cat is black and white and a kitten is grey colour.
We worry the start of 2022 will be major obstacle or bad luck for us. We been stuggling for 5year after my husband lost his job and when thing getting better, this appear...I'm just worry.😔

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From the viewpoint of the cats, they want to thank you for your kindness to them, and their way
of showing thank you is to leave you a nice rat. The symbolism of the Rat in Chinese Zodiac is optimistic this year, showing good chances for jobs and recovery. However, you need effort and steady hardwork, as there should not be belief in get rich quick schemes.
Thanks for the reply. Just worry as Chinese culture believed is a bad omen as its a first day, start spring of the year 2022 in Chinese calender to find a dead animal right infront of the house. I do believe cats are being thankful. Hope this 2022 will be a smooth sailing year for us n everyone. Thank you for your reply. It ease off my worries.

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