Jan. 20,2018 wedding date

Asked by b***e | 3/10/2017 2:13:46 AM

Hi ,

Is Jan 20, 2018 a good day to get married?

groom: 12/12/1975

thank you

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M***y 3/10/2017 3:09:26 AM

groom: Rabbit
bride: Tiger

Following are the auspicious wedding dates in January and February 2018. Clash XX, means the people under the zodiac sign mentioned should avoid getting married on the day.

January: 1st (Clash Pig), 10th (Clash Monkey), 11th (Clash Rooster), 13th Sat. (Clash Pig), 18th (Clash Dragon), 23rd (Clash Tiger), 24th (Clash Rooster), 26th (Clash Rat)
February: 4th Sun. (Clash Rooster), 7th (Clash Rat), 8th (Clash Ox), 13th (Clash Horse), 19th (Clash Rat), 20th (Clash Ox), 22nd (Clash Rabbit), 25th Sun. (Clash Horse), 28th (Clash Rooster)

Good luck

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