Is there a cusp in Chinese zodiac,whats my stine and element

Asked by T*** | 9/15/2016 6:13:29 PM

Just wondering about my future

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K***y 9/18/2016 2:54:18 AM

Hi Tanya,

It's those born on the 4th/5th February or just near the Chinese lunar new year that are on the cusp.

To check your destiny and element, I need to know your date of birth and exact birth time.

T***1 9/18/2016 3:37:39 AM

March 18, 1970 @6:40am

T***1 9/18/2016 3:39:39 AM

How about the cusp of Aries and Pisces

M***y 9/19/2016 2:55:40 AM

You are metal Dog in Chinese zodiac.

From your Bazi, you need more wood element and less metal element. Because you also lack water, you are easy to be tired. You are destined to be a leading man as you are good at study, intelligent and have a good personal relationship. But you are sometimes skeptical which will block you from getting success. If you could open your mind to others, you could own more friends.

r***z 11/18/2016 8:18:36 PM

DOB-6th Feb 1999@11.05 pm

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