I’m married but I love my first


I missed my old love very much. Please help me choose.
Me: 19/02/1979
My husband: 16/06/1978
My love: 17/08/1973

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Hi tran ngoc chau,

You and your husband are good match in Chinese Astrology. You are not compatible with your first love.

You and Your Husband:
You have too much in common, so you will certainly live a happy life together. You are very honest, reliable and often treat others politely. However, both of you are too diligent and less outgoing, so your excessive principles and responsibilities will make you lack flexibility in life. Sometimes, you may be too rigorous to make yourselves depressed.

You can Your First Love:
You can't be an ideal match, since it's hard for you to cooperate harmoniously and to understand each other. You, an innate optimist, strives for freedom. He is accustomed to be cautious and attentive on everything, and hopes to build a warm family through tireless efforts. He can't often understand your constant change. You also pay less attention to caring about him, and is always thinking of your idle pleasures.

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