I'm in love with male goat I'm a male monkey 10/27/1967 05/07/1968


We met in 2009 we have been together since then we've have now I'm really ready to give up on relationship because he can be really mean sometimes towards me but I known that we do love each other we can both be very emotional at times we grew very different from each other we both can be very stubborn at times do think we a chance at living the rest of lives together I'm really fed up he's I've done some research on I've never loved anyone the way I love him if we can't be together do think we just remain friends or not

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You can certainly remain friends. Depending how much you love the man you could also stay in a relationship, but personal changes must begin with the monkey's extrovert spirit to accommodate the goat's introverted nature.

Monkey's are socially active and the goat enjoys staying in their quiet cozy homes. With the right energetic balance, a long term relationship is possible. Take care in 2016 as it maybe a challenging year for the monkey in general. If you release too much frustration onto your dear goat in 2016 they may roam away adding onto your stress. Since goats enjoys fitness, finding a sport you can do together maybe a favorable solution to release social frustrations.

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