Fire Ox and Earth Tiger



I am a male earth-tiger and my girlfriend is a fire-ox. From what you wrote about fire-oxen it appears that they are rather fickle in relationships. While everything has been great so far our relationship is a new one, and I was wondering what the long-term viability of it and it's implications as well as what some good advice would be according to our zodiacs. I was born December 22nd, 1998, and she February 14th 1997.

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Hi Kou,

Tiger and Ox are not the best match in Chinese Zodiac. But the two signs are compatible.
In terms of your birth elements, you are very compatible as Fire creates Earth and the are in the generating cycle.

As both the Tiger and Ox and stubborn in character, one of you should learn to compromise when meeting conflicts. Also, you need to seek common ground while accept the existing differences in the future life.

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