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Dear sir madam

please help me to explain "kua numbers" your example birthday is before Chinese New year and my DOB is after Chinese New Year when I follow your example I think not correct. so help me to correct my DOB (07/April/1984).
The formula is:
.As the Chinese New Year of 1984. My DOB is after New year. 10-1=9
.12.9=3. Result:3 is the Kua number for the man. so Auspicious direction Chart is 3: East South North Southeast East.
Inauspicious direction Chart is 3: West Southwest Northwest Northeast West.
and my last question please help me to explain Auspicious/Inauspicious Feng Shui Directions Chart. Thanks for explaining me.

Best Regards,

Kimsan Hok

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Hi Kimsan Hok ,

For male with the DOB of 07/April/1984. The way to calculate the kua number is with the following four steps:
1. 8+4=12.
2. As your DOB is after the Chinese New Year of 1984. Just do nothing in this step.
3. 1+2=3
4. 10-3=7

So, your kua numbers is 7. Check the number in the chart, your most lucky direction is West. Northwest is the lucky direction for Success. Southwest is good for health. Northeast is best for love and relationships. West is also good for personal growth.

By sleeping with your head pointed to your lucky health direction Southwest, you will be blessed with a good physical condition. You could seek more success if you could move to northwest or work in the northwest direction of your office or home. In the Northeast direction of the city, you could find your love.

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