dreams of glass crumbling in my mouth


I have had two dreams of drinking out of a glass, and the glass crumbling in my mouth. The dream is still so vivid with me I will only drink out of plastic cups. One dream when I was a child, and the other as a adult. Please help me make sense of this nightmare.

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Hi Redfeather,

Don't think too much about this. You may have too much pressure and always be nervous for something in daily life. In fact, the dream is an auspicious omen. It indicates the things you do for a long time will be successful. Also, you may get a salary increase or promotion in work.
Hi redfeather,

The dream you was telling was a good omen

Good karma has come to you without wishing it so much
You will never suffer from deep hunger and lonelines
You must try to subtract or completely remove all your bad instincts,traits and attributes
or you will suffer

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