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Asked by Y***t | 8/13/2018 7:25:46 AM

The entranceway to my home is very dark and somewhat enclosed. It is brick and has a dark brown door. It faces West and very hot in the small entrance. How do I cause this area to open up and bring a fresh inviting appearance without removing brick beams.

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K***y 8/14/2018 2:15:48 AM

Hi Yvonne Herbst ,

The best way is to decorate the area well with sprung roof and have some seiling and wall lights. Also, paint the wall with the light color like yellow or white to make it more bright. Hang some pictures or photos on the wall is also a good way to make it full of vitality. If you could make it like a art gallery, that's also a good way.

Y***t 8/17/2018 8:34:54 AM

I have a golden square mirror in my dining area. It is a small room with one window (West facing street). I only have three solid walls in the Southwest, West, East which wall should I use?

K***y 8/18/2018 2:17:00 AM

The mirror should not face the window, door or hang above the sofa.

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