I am pratibha,want to know about my job and marriage


I was born on 2 december 1989, want to know about my personality,health,future.

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Hi Pratibha verma,

You are earth snake, you can get personality for earth snake here:

Being prudent, you can always accomplish something in career. You are honest and reliable, thus the born officials who can benefit the local and bless the people. If you can adhere to the principle of integrity, observe calmly, be adaptable to changing circumstances and grasp the scale of the officialdom changes, you will have a successful official career.

You are generally plump and have the good-luck face for your husband. Your marriage will be good.

You are prone to dizziness, abdominal distention, diarrhea, fatigue, obesity and lack of sleep, and may easily suffer from spleen and stomach, gastrointestinal, mouth and teeth, and heart diseases as well as diabetes and hypoglycemia. You'd better eat more spleen-tonifying food, such as white radish, hyacinth bean, cabbage, onion, seaweed, jujube, Chinese yam, sticky rice, beef and red bean. Avoid the cold, greasy and viscous food bad for spleen, stomach and Yang, as well as beverage and liquor.
I am thin......
U predicted wrong....i want a right answer

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