regarding career and marriage


name :nisha gupta
sex : female
dob :19/09/1975
time of birth:05:44p.m
placeof birth : delhi
my query:

1. i am looking for a job, pls tell me what are the job prospects or should i start my own business?
2. what are the chances of marriage?

marriage line on the right palm is short and clear

1 Answer(s)

If you work for others, you may couldn't get along well with your superior. But you still could work hard and achieve your goal. You have a great ability to earn money and the older you are, the more ability you will have to make more money. If you could do business together with your friends or relatives, you could get success more easily. As you lack fire element according to your Bazi, you'd better do business related to fire such as open an restaurant, beauty salon etc.

The short marriage line shows you are passionless to the opposite sex. So, you usually get married very late.

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