I am a metal horse, I have an affair.

Asked by j***6 | 2/8/2017 10:10:08 AM

I am Arvin Borbo Cristobal, a metal horse, born October 2, 1990. I have a family in the Philippines married to a wife born in October 5, 1987 and we have three kids but I have an affair here in Japan. My new girlfriend was born July 18, 1980 year of the monkey. Do you think our relationship will last? Is it possible that we can build a happy life and forget my family in the Philippines?

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A***a 2/8/2017 10:42:35 AM


I don't think your relationship will last long. Both of you are gifted and able to get out of difficulties with perfect ease. However, you have too many similarities, which results in conflicts easily. The male horse is tactful, confident and opportunistic, while the female monkey is versatile, frank and shrewd. You may easily have disagreements when you are together, but neither of you is willing to make a concession.

As you have three kids and you don't divorce with your wife, it's impossible for you to forget everything and build a new happy life.

j***6 2/11/2017 6:52:58 AM

Thank You for your reply.
My wife born in year of the Fire Rabbit doesn't know that I still continue it, she knows that I already end it. Will I ever get a karma? or will Fire Rabbit get revenge on me? Does metal horses this year have luck and pass this karma thing?

D***g 2/12/2017 3:08:58 AM


Fire melts Metal and Horse and Rabbit are not compatible. You and your wife are not compatible.

You are a couple with distinctive personalities and different attitude towards life. The male horse has strong curiosity and likes to behave in his own way and to pursue his favorite objectives at his ease. He pays little attention to caring about the rabbit and often gets angry without any reason or cause. The female rabbit is tender, fragile, cautious and dependent. She hopes that the horse could devote more energy to the family, and she can't stand her husband's unstability for long.

j***6 2/12/2017 4:38:09 AM

Is this mean my wife born in fire rabbit will break up with me if she founds out that I'm still having an affair? Is she possible to have another man and live me totally? As I read before, Fire Rabbit is weak. I understand this will be the consequences that I will get after having an affair. Hopefully, having an affair won't get me any karma. Does chinese astrology believe in karma too? Ty.

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