how to counter bad luck for year 2016


I want to know what are the things to do in countering bad luck for my year 2016 , since im planning to apply work to another company. What is the best advice to continue my existing work or transfer to another company.

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Hi dex,

What's your date of birth? Are your Chinese zodiac sign Tiger? If so, you will meet many changes in 2016 as the tiger people will encounter Tai Sui who is regarded as the legendary god in charge of people's fortune. You need to seek for change on your own initiative. So, it's a good to change your present work in the year. Also, you are suggested to organize your home and transfer your life such as buy some new furniture, do some decoration to your house to enhance your fortune. Also, you should wear red in the year to attract more luck for you. Hope it helps.
thank birthdate is october 25, i wear some bracelet or necklace with tiger pendant to boost my fortune. Dexter

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