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So I've just recently noticed a new line in my right hand (female) which appears to be the health line. I'm planning to work in a mental health field (is this why its appearing or will I have serious health condition?). Its long with little straight lines on it and extends to the life line (will I die from an accident?). However, my life line devides in the middle and from this devided line, it devides 2 more times (one in middle and one towards the end- this 2 devided lines make up an oval kinda shape and from the first middle devision there is another line that extends towards the wrist). My head line doesn't look normal. It starts from the middle (not the top and there used to be no line connecting head to life line but now there is). Its straight and reaches right down but only the line connecting it to the life line is bent. I am currently in counselling due to personal problem. Is this going to continue? Currently I have 2 weird traingles but i dont see myself as lucky at all. I dont really see any health risk as I've always been strong (immune system wise) but will my mental health be alright? Sorry for such a long question and thank you.

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Hi Moon,

Do you mean your health line is crossed by some little straight lines? It indicates a poor health and you may tend to be prone to accidents. You life line also shows you may get unexpected accident, danger, disaster or illness during the life. If you are female, your head line is not good. It shows there will be troubles in your love or marriage. If you could change your personality, things could turn to be better. Not all triangles are with auspicious meanings. If they are regular, the meaning will be good.

Thank you for getting back to me. I don't think my life line is broken because if you don't look at the branch, the line extends all the way to mount of luna (moon?). What confused me is there are branches within the branch. You're probably right in terms of my love life. There is an island and a split at the end of the line but doesnt curve down. But my love line extends all the way between mount of jupiter and Saturn, so how does this reflect with my head line? I am single and have always been. I have a lot of emotional problems hence the therapy. My marriage line is also short. Will I be alone for the rest of my life?
Branches within the branch for your life line is not a good sign for you health. It reflects your poor health condition. Your love line indicates you have emotional distress or change. Short marriage line doesn't mean you will be alone in life but means you usually are passionless to the opposite sex and may get married late.

Palm lines usually change with your characters' change. They will turn to be better if you don't have emotional problems later.

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