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I have a head line that is joined with life line, runs till 2nd finger then breaks, then again runs till ring finger. There is also a line above the head line and below the heart line which is parallel to head line and runs till middle finger. What does that mean?

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If your head line and life line are joined at the beginning and soon split, it indicates a decisive character with flexibility. If the two lines overlap for some distance from the beginning before the split, it indicates an introverted, prudent, and thoughtful character. The longer the overlap is, the more worried, careful and indecisive you are.

The break means that in your middle age, you may lost your job or change your work from field to the other. It indicates the fluctuation in your work.

The paralled line with your head line means you have a double head line. It shows that you have a strong mental ability and a double character, liking to consider a problem from different viewpoints. You are bold at the same time calm. If you are a female with two head lines, you are usually a successful businesswoman.

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