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Asked by S*** | 10/11/2017 2:57:52 AM

My head line is long but cut into for middle. They are overlap for middle And life line cross with head line and one cross is end of the head line. And my head line is slatly slant. What it means?

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P***r 10/11/2017 7:52:58 PM

Hi Saloni Baweja,

First, you have a very clear mind, and you are gentle, tolerant, realistic and have a strong interpersonal skills. However, you may suffer from sudden illness, head injuries or orther problems in the middle age. Lickily, the problem is not serious. You could recover soon. You may also have an interruption of your career during the middle age.

Is there any branch on your head line? Does it connected with the life line from the beginning?

S*** 10/11/2017 10:55:51 PM

Yes, I have branch from the beginning. Why u said that... There is any problem?

P***r 10/12/2017 7:57:48 PM

Is the branch upward or downward?

S*** 10/12/2017 8:18:16 PM

Upward but some minor lines to downward..

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