"H" on the Mercury Mount of left palm - what does it mean please?


I see an "H" symbol on the mercury mount under my little finger on my left palm (i'm right handed) - can anyone please give an interpretation of the sign? I looked into google (incl youtube) quite long and did not find any clear comments about it. would anyone please give feedback (not found in google)? thanks very much for your help - Dale

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Hi dey jotep,

The Mount of Mercury represents wisdom and the ability to think. The letter 'H' you refereed to may be consisted of the monkey line and marriage line. When the letter appears on the Mercury mount, it means you are easy to tremely emotional by nature and could sacrifice everything in love. You are good at thinking and your luck in wealth is good especially after your marriage.You could also help your partner to make much money.
thanks very much for your reply. much appreciated. dale.

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