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Hi I am a female born on Feb 24 1982. What will be my fortune in terms of business, career, love, life health. 2017 was a bad year for me overall. I lost a lot of money, I was divorced. I need to know if this will be a good year for me. Thank you in advance

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Hi MJ Sexy,

You under the Dog sign harm Tai Sui,the Grand Duke Jupiter in 2017, so your fortune is not good.

2018 year of the Dog will be your Zodiac year. You clash Tai Sui in 2018. So, it's still not a good year for you. You are prone to pessimistic and have negative mood, thus often think of the unfavorable situations. If possible, you's better make time to travel or take courses that are less stressful to divert attention from the pessimistic moods. With clear signs of financial losses, you are not suggested to engage in risky speculations this year. You tend to get half the results with twice the efforts in career. In love, you may not start a new relationship in the year. In terms of health, you will easily have skin, throat and trachea problems and should stay away from cold food and drink.

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