Fire rooster with Horse ?


Please tell me about possibilities of a balanced and happy marriage union with woman FIRE ROOSTER ?
I am Man HORSE MAY 15/1942
She, fire rooster Deceber 4/ 1957
And if not compatible, please advise WESTERN and CHINESE ZODIAC best dates for
a happy and well balanced loving relationship ?

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Hi Michael,

Your zodiac Horse and here zodiac sign Rooster are compatible with each other. But your element which is Water if not compatible with her's because Water usually controls Fire. So, you are in the dominate position. In Chinese Yin Yang theory, the male should be in the dominate position in a love relationship. So, it's not a big problem. But if you want to reduce the bad effect of the two element's conflict, you are suggested to use Wood. As Water makes Wood grow and Wood makes Fire burn. In daily life, the people born in the Tiger year would be a good help for your relationship.

I'm not sure the date you want. I guess it's auspicious wedding date. Right?
Before i post to you, I wish to respectfully point out, having read your CONDITIONS after typing my questions, that I did not fully understand the ruling about irrelevant questions? Frankly, the way it is worded slightly confused me ? I am told, that is typical of
my character, often times misunderstanding points made by someone, when in fact for everyone apart from me, the points made are perfectly clear and obvious. I a bit of a sometimes ZANY or sleepy TAUREAN ! So apologies if any of the above totally irrelevant ?

Thanks so much for your reply. I am truly grateful and impressed by your knowledgable response.
I am looking for serious ( male (me) female relationship which i wish to develop into serious future and eventual marriage.
My Western sign is TARUS THE BULL. And yes i am, have been obstinate in earlier years, now in my mid 70s I feel that characteristic may have modified in to stoicism. I will never give up and have been searching best partner for me about 10 or more years. Not i hasten to add every day, often taking a few months break from my quest. That said, I now sense that so as not to negatively compromise any future parnership, I have been searching for TWO most positive signs from both WESTERN and CHINESE astrological possibilities . So, TAURUS/HORSE (ME) seeks water or earth sign. So, according to books I have consulted, it appears that for ME TAURUS I SHOULD MATCH BEST WITH CANCER, PISCES, VIRGO or CAPRICORN(female) That said, my experiences with FEMALE CANCERIANS has been they are moody and painfully sensitive souls.
Finally, re CHINESE ZODIAC CHART i match best of all with FEMALE SHEEP . That sign with ME HORSE states "SUPERB MATCH " ! And the other signs, none of which state " SUPERB " Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon and ROOSTER ?
If I can offer you some remuneration for your time and trouble please let me know and an address to send a cheque, or other method if more convenient ?

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