fire in a ship


good day astrologers :)

this is summary of my dreams..

I dreamed im in a cemetery and running with my livein partner and i feel fears.

and the continuation of my dreamed..

I was inside a large ship and I saw a fire inside a room I went out and jumped into the depths of the sea, I swung upwards I saw the sky cloudy and the tide of the sea is moderate , but my wife is left on the ship and send me a picture she is raped by stranger.

this the end of my dreamed,
i know my dreamed is scary and funny, please give me a prediction,

im a water rooster and my wife is metal dragon, i know with im her is 90% compatible but she is pregnant, and she gave birth in the year of the dog.
dog is harmful in me , and in my wife is incompatible.
what can i do ?

Thank you very much astrologer!!!

3 Answer(s)

Fire represents passion, sexuality, anger, desire, burning feelings such as resentment or frustration. Do you relate to these feelings? Rape can mean helplessness. Your dream sounds scary but it could be interpreted both positively and otherwise. Consider this Western dictionary's insight in interpreting your dream.
Hi Rolando S. Untalan Jr.,

The cemetery indicates you are eager to farewell to the past and want to start a new life.

Fire in fish is related to your living habit and work pressure. You should espcially watch out your health condition and be carefull when doing sports recently.

You may get a baby boy.

thank you for the answer, astrologer :)

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