dreaming of fire on a mountain


good day,
I dreamd about a big flat mountain ons fire, spreading the whole area of with fire then I dream of only smaller fires on the mountain and then again almost like tress on fire. I didn't do anything to the fire only to alert other people and waited for it to come down we were also attending a party with people I didn't know. where I saw the Fire.

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The dream maybe caused by your large pressure recently. You my find you are unable to do things as much as you would like to. Your luck in wealth and love my not so good in recent time. If you are single, you my miss the one you love because of your hesitation. Money is easy to be lost due to your careless.
If u are Korean ...It will mean money coming your way ... They love fire dreams ... We Chinese are more water oriented ... LOL
So both fires were in the same dream or they are two different dreams ... ???

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