I dream of my mom n me getting wet by rain and facing problem to reach home.then someone stole our belonging which i kept beside by relative on her trust. then i got to know that the belonging which was sliver r safe with her.
I always dream about some ghost trying to capture by body. Either i am with my mom or my husband we run and run but at last we r always safe.in every dream at last i win.
Recent saw in my dream that my gas cylinder blast and their is fire in my house. but me n my father in law r safe.

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Hi Puja,

Getting wet by rain in dream is auspicious, it means you may get unexpected wealth.

Dream about some ghost trying to capture you is caused by your big pressure recently. You may meet some problems and something makes you hard to do. As at last you are safe, it indicates you could overcome the difficulties.

Fire in your house indicates happy life.

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