Dreaming about very long black snake.

Asked by J***a | 3/30/2017 3:20:42 AM

I dream very longg black snake and its catch me. I also wear a black dress, im so scared and i run.
But i dont know why the snack already at my feet and suddenly go to inside my skirt.

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M***y 3/31/2017 1:37:14 AM

Hi Jolia,

The snake in our dreams is symbolic. In women's dreams, the snake is a symbol of penis. The attitude to the snake in the dream often indicates the dreamer's attitude towards sex. Running away or running after is a symbol of the dreamer's fear of sex; if a woman often dreams about being bitten by a snake, she may have been worried about being sexually assaulted.

So, your dream suggests your fear of sex.

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