Dreaming about an ex partner

Asked by A***a | 7/26/2017 2:45:28 PM

I broke up with my ex man friend wHo is very financial boyant very influencial powerful man I broke up with him and got married even after marriage we still use to talk share our problems I go to him when I need financial support cause he is always there for me then all of a sudden I realised he makes mockery over me and my request so I decided to end our relationship I sent him a massage saying it's over then now he started to show interest some time months passed by no communication all for a sudder I dream of him say he has missed me there's no other women like me then I saw him in the dream watching a video clip of me in the dream I was wearing a turn out cloths my present daughter was playing around he was videoing us and at the same watching on we us.. . Thank you

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M***e 7/27/2017 2:39:26 AM

Hi Adama,

You may think of him during the daytime or in your inner heart, you don't want to end your relationship, so you have this kind of dream.

Another interpretation is that your relationship with your husband is not so good which makes you feel unsatisfied. So, it makes you think of your ex man in dream. This dream reminds you to treasure your love and friends.

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